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Why CAD Integrator (CI) is a “must have” for TRIRIGA

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Why CAD Integrator (CI) is a “must have” for TRIRIGA


Cad Integrator (CI), is a plug-in for AutoCAD and Microstation that will update the TRIRIGA software applications. As the name implies, CI can quickly and seamlessly bring relationships from CAD drawings into TRIRIGA for easy Space and Real Estate Management. It can be used to create many new space related objects such as new floor records or new space records; it can be used to associate spaces to objects such as, organizations, assets, people locations, furniture, and much more. Each change made in the drawing can be seen in TRIRIGA. Once a drawing is published to TRIRIGA, a visual representation of the actual CAD drawing shows in the TRIRIGA application. CI is a powerful tool for TRIRIGA that can be easily learned by the CAD operators and can make TRIRIGA even more powerful.
Many people think of the IT industry as very analytical or numerically oriented but there is another side to the power of today’s computing.  More and more focus continues to be put on Graphical User Interfaces.  This is because people are susceptible visual cues. The business community has seen this and the demand for applications that can more easily manage data using these visual cues. In a way, it appeals to the artistic side of many people and puts a little flare in the day to day business we accomplish. 
Using color schemes and shapes, CI helps you see in TRIRIGA, all of the associations you build in your CAD drawing. The ability to build and design floors and spaces and see them as they relate to your business is eye opening. When properly integrated you are able to see different objects changing colors and you may even find yourself enjoying the process. Make labels one color or even multicolored. Make space types show up like a rainbow. Using CI may draw out the artist in you and can’t help but improve your business with TRIRIGA.

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