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Setting up TRIRIGA Notifications with Office 365

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Setting up TRIRIGA Notifications with Office 365


If you are using Office 365 as part of your Reserve integration, then you probably want to have notifications set up as well. Since this is a cloud offering from Microsoft, what would the mail server be? You would immediately think it would be as simple as your mail domain, which would be something like <subDomain>, where <subDomain> is the sub domain provided to you by Office 365. However, this is not the case. It is actually <subDomain>, which is much different from your mail domain. After you update the value in to point to your Office 365 mail server, restart your application server and your users will receive notifications from TRIRIGA. Also, ensure that your TRIRIGA application server has network access to communicate to your Office 365 mail server, since this is a server that's on the public domain.


Mail Server: <subDomain>


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