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Creating a copy of your Oracle Database schema for Tririga Support.

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Creating a copy of your Oracle Database schema for Tririga Support.


Create a logical copy of your Tririga database schema.

Please use Oracle data pump for exporting database dump files. More information can be found here

It is recommended to run these steps from your DB server with a privileged database user and it is recommended to stop the Tririga application beforehand.

1) Create directory object in Oracle where you want to download the dump. 
See documentation on how to do this here:

2) Run export command
Run the command expdp as follows:

expdp <db_admin>/<admin_pw> DUMPFILE=<dpump_dir>:<filename>.dmp SCHEMAS=<schema_name> LOGFILE=<dpump_dir>:expschema.log

Substitute the variables <db_admin>, <admin_pw>, <dpump_dir>, <filename> and <schema_name> appropriately.

Notes on variables (You will replace the entire variable placeholder including the “< >” symbols) :


<db_admin> = database user name (should be privileged user)

<admin_pw> = database user password

<dpump_dir> = Note pre-existing export directory or the one created in step 1.

<filename> = The file name format required to upload the database export to support requires the file name to start with the associated PMR number.  The PMR number normally has commas in it, those should be substituted with a period.  For example, PMR number 12345,123,000 would be used as the first part of the file name like this: 12345.123.000.filename.dmp

<schema_name> = Your Tririga data schema name (Default is tridata but may have been changed)


To upload this to support once the export is created see the following:



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