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How to create a TRIRIGA Classification?

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How to create a TRIRIGA Classification?




My name is Edgar Mengelberg and I have been working with the Maximo and TPAE product suite in various Support roles for over 16 years.

Recently I made the jump over to the WW TRIRIGA L2 support team and currently going through a steep learning curve, that's for sure!

As TRIRIGA is also new territory for a lot of you out there and I have already received various queries around Classifications , let's have a brief look how you properly create a new TRIRIGA Classification.


The correct sequence of creating a new classification is as follows:


1. Create a new BO within the Classification module, and add other fields, if needed.
2. Set up Publish Name (BO Mapping).
Tip: For classifications, you use the Name field as the lone field in the Publish Name to prevent entering duplicate classification entries. The Name field is in the Record Information section when you click Find in the BO Mapping tool.
3. Save the BO.
4. Create an association between new BO and itself by using Is Parent Of. This action creates an Include.
Note: Create this association from within the Data Modeler, not within the Association Manager. Also, when creating Includes, ensure sure that the Parent BO is in the Revision in Progress state before you create the association. Otherwise, the Include is not created properly.
5. Publish the BO.
6. Revise the Classification BO.
7. Create an association between the classification BO and the new BO that was created in Step 1 using Is Parent Of. This action creates an Include.
8. Publish the Classification BO.
9. Copy the triClassification Form and assign the new Form to the BO that was created in Step 1. Add at least the Name field to the form.
10. Change the Label of the new form to match the label of the new BO.
11. In State Family, click Find to import the other states and transitions.
12. In the Includes/Forms tab, add the newly created form to the Includes list. (Add it to itself.)
13. Publish the form.
14. Revise the triClassification form.
15. In the Includes/Forms tab, add the newly created form to the Includes list.
16. Publish the triClassification form.


Thus far we have the Classification definition metadata and no Classification record exist as of yet.
In order to do so, follow the last 2 steps as follows:


17. From the Classification Hierarchy Master detail view create the local parent for the new Classification as a child of the Hierarchy root record.
18. Create the actual new Classification records under the local root for the new Classification.


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