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Editable Query in TRIRIGA makes URL's too large and not applying filters.

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Editable Query in TRIRIGA makes URL's too large and not applying filters.




My name is Edgar Mengelberg and I have been working with the Maximo and TPAE product suite in various Support roles for over 15 years and recently started to further work with the full TRIRIGA product suite.


We currently identified a known issue I wanted to share with you for wider awareness on the TRIRIGA platform

With the introduction of versions we made some changes that resulted in a long URL being generated.

This happens when filtering on an editable query that in turn will make the URL big enough to break the specified limit for URLS on IE or in F5 Load Balancer.

In other words, the long URL causes a problem for IE browsers and F5 load balancer and maybe other components on the stack.  

If you you get a hung portal type issue in your browser (IE only) , whereby it shows you certain behaviour, for example receiving a "page cannot be displayed" error , this could well be caused by this issue.


We have addressed this issue via APAR IV96587 in our upcoming fix pack guesstimated to be released around end of July/start of August.

A limited availability fixpack can be provided if needed, please contact Customer Support by opening a PMR


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