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Maximo Mobile - how to use the keytool to import certificates

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Maximo Mobile - how to use the keytool to import certificates


When you want to create a secure connection between Maximo Mobile and Maximo using SSL/TLS, the standard keytool command cannot be used with the j9 keystore called cacerts to create or import certificates.

Since the format of the j9 cacerts keystore is not compatible with a standard Java cacerts keystore, you will need to use the keytool command provided with Maximo Mobile, designed specifically to work with the j9 cacerts keystore format.


The keytool command is found in the following location:



The keystore associated with the j9 jvm is located here:



The class files associated with the j9 jvm, needed for operations by the keytool command are found here:



This is also where the j9 runtime environment executable is located.  However, before you can use the keytool, you must set your JAVA_HOME enviornment variable on the local system to the correct path for the j9 runtime environment to build the correct classpath in order to perform any functions on the cacerts keystore, such as creating or importing digital certificates.


The path to set for JAVA_HOME is set on Windows using this command:

     set JAVA_HOME=c:\ibm\smp\maximo\mobiletools\tools\wece-win-x86


Once the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set, all files in .\bin and .\lib will be loaded into the current path and classpath correctly and you should now be able to run the keytool command successfully to perform operations on the cacerts keystore.



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