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Configuring the Maximo Start Center Inbox/Assignments for specific Users

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Configuring the Maximo Start Center Inbox/Assignments for specific Users



In some situations, users may want to filter the Inbox / Assignments portlet in the Start Center in order to allow them to work with and view records from specific applications.

There is no configuration in the portlet that would allow the specific filtering for each application like there is in the other Start Center displays.


Detailed Description

The data in the Inbox/Assignments is unique as it retrieves workflow information and it is therefore managed differently from a portlet which could be modified to have a filter search.  This is the design of the Inbox/Assignments.

There are some options available however:

1.  Add the application field in the Inbox / Assignments Setup.   This will display all the records for the relevant application.  It can then be sorted from the header column to see those relevant to the user.






2.  Use Security Groups associated with only one application and then associate the user to that Security Group.  Consequently, the users will have access to the data for only that application.


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