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Systems Support Perspectives (Third in an occasional series)

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Systems Support Perspectives (Third in an occasional series)


I didn't want August to end without a blog entry. I had lined up several projects to work on during the month. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete any of them. I concluded that one of them (pulling user, groups and group membership information from Maximo into Microsoft Active Directory) was too narrowly focused. Another one (configuring SSL on WebSphere) was missing an important element: it doesn't require making any changes to Maximo itself. It was too broadly focused, and not of particular interest specifically to Maximo administrators and planners.


I did "migrate" six virtual machines from other hosts to eight new local VMs.  I used database backups  (all versions) and aleady created SMP directories rather than reinstall everything from scratch. Although it was very successful, if I blogged about it, I would be going over many of the same topics I had written about over the past couple of years. I was very pleased to find that every problem I ran into was solved by consulting our technote libraries as well as entries from this blog (and not just my own).


However, I did write on another blog that IBM started recently. Called Notes from IoT Support, while it is something like the Asset Management blog, it covers the entire IBM Internet of Things community. As you can see, its scope is both broad and deep. My entry, A different kind of blogging, is not strictly technical; I hope it conveys some of the enthusiasm I have supporting Maximo. Take a look at all of the entries. David Leftwich's list of Maximo videos on YouTube inspired me to begin one of my own. As they say, initial filming is done, but I have to write a script for it, and then edit it down. I hope to complete and post it in the next couple of weeks.

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