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Maximo Asset Management interim fix 017 released

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As with all interim fixes, Maximo Asset Management interim fix 017 is cumulative. It includes all fixes contained in earlier interim fixes, with the addition of new fixes listed in this post.


Tivoli's process automation engine interim fix 017 is available at Fix Central.


Application Name



Budget Monitoring

In the Budget Monitoring application, when you try to update the lines in a budget that has multiple focal points, the field values are not updated.


Work Order Tracking

In the Everyplace version of the Work Tracking application, when you use the date picker to select a date and time, an error occurs if the locale is set to Spanish.


Graphical Assignment

In the Graphical Assignment application, a delay occurs when loading the Dispatch tab if the value of the skdprojectid attribute for a work list is greater than 1000.



In the Graphical Scheduling application, when you click Calculate Labor Hours, an error occurs.


Integration Modules

In the Integration Modules application, when you create purchase order revisions with an enterprise service, an error occurs.



In the Inventory Application, when the Integration Framework updates the balance of an inventory item that has a cost type of FIFO, the values of the refobject and refobjectid attributes are empty.


Report Administration

In the Report Administration application, when you use the custom date parameter DISPLAYDATE for a non-base language, the date parameters get corrupted.


System Object

If you print a work order that has an image in the Long Description field, the Maximo Asset Management Server crashes.

IBM Control Desk uses Tivoli's process automation engine This interim fix can be applied to Control Desk

For product compatibility, see Control Desk, Maximo and TPAE version compatibility.

To install, see Installing an interim fix in Maximo 7.6.

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