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Maximo Asset Management interim fix 016 released

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As with all interim fixes, Maximo Asset Management interim fix 016 is cumulative. It contains all fixes from earlier interim fixes, with the addition of new fixes listed in this post. This fix is the last interim fix release for Maximo Asset Management


Tivoli's process automation engine interim fix 016 is available at Fix Central.


Application Name



All Applications

In all applications, the Date field and Calendar Selector does not match when your time zone is different from the server's time zone.


Graphical Assignment

In the Graphical Assignment application, on the Dispatch tab, when you use spatial as a the map provider, routes do not work.



In the Inventory application, if you select Issue Current Item and do not enter a work order, asset, or location, the transaction is saved without errors.


Migration Manager

In the Migration Manager, after experiencing a deployment error, the focus defaults to the first record in the List tab for migration packages instead of the current record after you correct and edit the error.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, when you change a scheduled date on an assignment before the start date of the work order, the inventory usage record is no longer associated to the work order.


Graphical Assignment

When there is a no shift day before a work order assignment schedule, no information is displayed on the map.


All Applications

In any application, the Print check box is selected by default even when the File Type is URL. If the file type cannot be printed, this check box should not be selected, and it should be read only.

To install, see Installing an interim fix in Maximo 7.6.

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