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Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 released

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Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 released


The Interim Fix (IFIX) is available at Fix Central.


As with all IFIXes, Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 013 is cumulative and includes all fixes provided with MAM 7603 IFIX 012, with these additions:



Application Name




In the Crews Everyplace application, when you save a record, the Save dialog box is displayed twice.


Data Sheet Template

In the Data Sheet Template application, when you use the Square Root of Input function, the result only displays three deciaml places.


Report Viewer

In the Report Administration application, on the asset_availability.rptdesign report, when a required field is left blank, an error message is displayed but the text in the error message does not say which field is required.


Service Requests

In the Service Requests application, the AFFECTEDPERSONID attribute does not exist.


Service Requests

In the Service Requests application, when you create a service request without an associated person record and change the status to in progress, an error occurs.


System User Interface

In the Start Center, you cannot see the Domain description of a domain value that is used to display data in a Portlet Chart.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, when you change a scheduled date on an assignment before the start date of the work order, the inventory usage record is no longer associated to the work order.


System User Interface

When the Edit Mode Enabled check box is selected in the application designer, the OK button on value lists is disabled.


System User Interface

When you change a referenced asset, the BMXAT0331 message is displayed but disappears before you can make a selection.


IBM Control Desk uses Tivoli's Process Automation Engine Therefore, this Interim Fix can also be applied to

Control Desk, as well as combined Control Desk and Maximo installations.

For Control Desk, Maximo and TPAE version compatibility, see


To install the IFIX, see Installing an Interim Fix in Maximo 7.6.

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