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Maximo Asset Management interim fix 018 released

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As with all interim fixes, Maximo Asset Management interim fix 018 is cumulative. It contains all fixes from earlier interim fixes, with the addition of new fixes listed in this post.


Tivoli's process automation engine interim fix 018 is available at Fix Central.


Application Name




In the Inventory application, after you transfer an item from a bin to another bin that is in the same storeroom, the inventory balance for the original bin is not automatically decreased.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, if you update the status of a work order and select the Change work order status in the background check box, the work order status does not update even though a message is shown that status change is successful.


System User Interface

In a chart view, when the Display By field uses a relationship, the result set is not filtering and displays records incorrectly.


System User Interface

In the Work Order Tracking Application, you are unable to add attachments to a communication.

IBM Control Desk uses Tivoli's process automation engine This interim fix can be applied to Control Desk

For product compatibility, see Control Desk, Maximo and Tivoli's process automation engine version compatibility.

To install, see Installing an interim fix in Maximo 7.6.

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