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How to know which Enterprise Services are using a specific Maximo object.

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How to know which Enterprise Services are using a specific Maximo object.


Sometimes, when we have a big amount of External Systems and Enterprise Services configured, we get can end up lost whenever troubleshooting is required to be done with some of them. Instead of opening each and every one of the Enterprise Services to see what MBO is being used, you can query your database to get that info more easily.

For some unknown reason, a PO is being altered by the MXINTADM user, which is the user that executes the integration actions inside Maximo. You might want to activate the Message Tracking feature for the Enterprise Services that are receiving PO messages in order to know more details about their inbound processing. If you don't know which are configured to receive those PO messages, the whole process to discover these could be quite cumbersome. However, you can run a query against your database to know the which are Enterprise Services involved.

Connect to your Maximo database and run the following query:
(select INTOBJECTNAME from MAXINTOBJDETAIL where objectname = 'PO');

The result will bring the name of the Enterprise Services that are using the PO object structure.
There you go, now you can take the proper measures (for example, enable message tracking in them) against the Enterprise Services that were selected.
Please notice that you can replace "PO" in the query for any other MBO that you want.

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