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How to avoid Spatial from erasing info from ASSETSPEC table via inbound JSON Mapping

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How to avoid Spatial from erasing info from ASSETSPEC table via inbound JSON Mapping


If you need to update the AssetSpec's of an object via Inbound JSON Mapping using Spatial's ArcGISDataSyncCronTask, some changes must be done in order to avoid specifications from being erased.

First of all, we need to configure Maximo to stop from erasing Classifications when new records are created via datasync cron task:

1. Open Object Structures application.

2. Filter "ArcGIS" and open the mbo type you'll want to alter. (in this case we'll change Assets)

3. Under More Actions, click Advanced Configuration.

4. Toggle off the Delete Auto-generated Data checkbox and click ok.


Now we need to Stop Maximo from Erasing classifications on existing records:

1. Open JSON Mapping application.

2. Open the mapper record which you want to stop from deleting the classifications and move over to the Properties tab.

3. Make sure you got the first line from JSON Object Mapping selected and under JSON Properties Mapping for Process Order 1 create a new row.

4. Now we'll insert an action in this row, which will be like this:

**Make sure yours is just like the image above, otherwise this will not work!

5. Now save the record.


Now you should have no issues with classifications being erased via DataSync cron task! :-)

**OBS: in case you're having Invalid Binding issues with line and polygon features, the AddChange action can be placed in the third line, where "Features\Attributes” mapping is defined.

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