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FREE Maximo Education and Open Badges

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FREE Maximo Education and Open Badges


FREE Maximo Education and Open Badges

Note the very important word FREE.

I'll say that again, nice and loud and in a pretty colour (I'm English so I'll spell things properly): FREE

I had the pleasure of attending 2 weeks Maximo education in Austin, Texas way back in 2016.


It was somewhat hotter than I am used to and people drive on the wrong side of the very wide roads for some strange reason.

I listened carefully with the intention of bringing home some great technical and/or practical insight to share with my team back in the UK.

The end result surprised me and set myself and the team on an unexpected course. Always a good thing in my very humble opinion.

The trainers (a fellow Brit who could spell properly and an American who couldn't) kept on mentioning the iot academy, simulations and badges. Over and over. Like they had sales targets to meet and their lives depended on it.

After a while, I took the hint.


The Watson IoT Academy

Now called the Watson IoT Academy (we love changing the names of things, don't we?), it can be found here


What do you get?

FREE (that magic word again) education AND something to show that you have attended the education and paid enough attention to pass a test at the end.

There is a searchable selection of courses (for example: Asset Management, Managing Items in Inventory, Workflows), each of which is delivered as units of online, self-paced, short interactive simulations which run in your browser. Flash is required. English (only) subtitles are available. Duration of each course is typically advertised as a few hours, but this is just a guide. No big deal if it takes longer unless your flight has just been called.

Each simulation is followed by a short (often just 3-4 questions), multiple-choice quiz. You can attempt these quizzes as many times as you like/need. No limits. Just keep on plugging away until you get there. You will need 100% to pass,  so do pay attention.

There is no requirement to take each unit in sequence, but things might not make as much sense if taken out of sequence.

After you start, you can take as long as you like to complete the course and there is no obligation to do so. No charges for no-shows. No huge bill if all you want is one part of the course. And you can keep coming back to refresh your memory. So this is a great repository on information which goes way deeper than the Knowledge Center ( I guess I have to use the wrong spelling for that one Grin)

New courses are being added all the time, so don't worry if there's nothing you fancy. Just pop back later and have another look.

If you don't see anything of interest in the list of Featured Courses on the front page, use  the search (Maximo can be found under IBM Asset Management) function. There are many more courses waiting for you if you have a dig around.


The End of Course Quiz

When all simulations are complete and all end-of-unit quizzes passed (at 100%), you level-up (as the younger generation would say) and the end-of-course quiz is unlocked.

This quiz is the biggie. This is what earns the badge and gives you something to show for your efforts.

The quiz:

  • Is a series of multiple choice questions, some of which may be familiar from the end of unit quizzes.
  • Is time limited
  • Needs around 80% correct to pass
  • Can be retaken a limited number of times in 24 hours


Open Badges

This is not a piece of cardboard with a safety pin on the back. 

Instead these are "Connected, verifiable credentials represented in portable image files"

A bit like the badges earned by Scouts and Girl Guides, but for grown-ups.

More specific info from IBM badges can be found here:

When that link inevitably gets broken, go to the IBM Training and Skills site at and follow your nose/mouse.

After completion of a course, you receive an email with instructions telling you how to download the badge so that you can attach it to your email signature as a clickable link (some instructions are included), social media profile and there is also a way to directly add to your LinkedIn profile.

My LinkedIn profile is way out of and includes my hideous passport photograph (why aren't we allowed to smile or keep our glasses on so that we can read the instructions in the booth and work out what's happening?), so please don't go there. I'll get round to updating it sometime.

Here's one of mine, showing that I completed the IoT - Maximo 7.6 New Features course and what this means. Feel free to click on it.



Closing remarks

So go ahead and don't be shy.

There really is such a thing a as a free lunch (actually you need to have an IBM id to get started, but you can create one on the site and this is also FREE)

To the Bat Boat, Robin!  (That's a bit gratuitous, but Austinites and tourists should know what I mean)





















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