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Multiple entries in the Go to Application, from a text field.

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Multiple entries in the Go to Application, from a text field.


Are you having issues trying to associate multiple applications in the Go To detail menu of a specific field ?

This could be happening because of a syntax issue for when multiple application names are used in the applink property of a field.


In Application Designer, you have the option to add an application in the Go To detail button from a field, but the question here would be :  Is it possible to have multiple applications in that particular Go To menu from the details button?

The answer is YES, however you need to make sure that both application names are entered in the 'Go To Applications' property of a field, as shown in the screenshot below :




If you leave a space between the comma and the application name, then Maximo will not display both applications in the Go to Applications menu.

So, please make sure that you do not have the space when using multiple application names in that  property.

In this case you should use PO,RECEIPTS instead of  PO,  RECEIPTS

Good Luck !   :-)

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