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Preventing mass action on multiple records at once

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Preventing mass action on multiple records at once


Maximo offers the ability to set a limit for the records that are retrieved on a List tab from users search actions. But sometimes that is just not enough, because users still have the possibility to select multiple records to work with by using the Select Records check box and then selecting manually multiple records that they want to change.


In case you would like to avoid performance issues, depending on the application you are working with, you may want to prevent users to work with mass actions or multiple records at once. Then you would need to force the users to perform actions for a single record in Maximo and avoid such kind of concern?  Is that possible?  YES, it is possible , you're in luck !


You can prevent users to select multiple records using the 'Select Records' checkbox in Maximo.  If you want to prevent users from selecting multiple specific records records in List tab, you can hide the 'Select Records' checkbox for an application by doing the following :


1- Go to Application Designer app and search for INVOICE
2- Export the INVOICE application definition XML
3- Edit the file and look for this line :

<tablebody displayrowsperpage="20" filterable="true" filterexpanded="true" id="results_showlist_tablebody">


4- Add a hideselectrows parameter to it. Change that line to :

<tablebody displayrowsperpage="20" filterable="true" filterexpanded="true" id="results_showlist_tablebody" hideselectrows="true">


5- Save record
6- Go back to Application Designer and search for INVOICE
7- Import the application definition XML that you just modified

8- Save record


This way, when you go to the Invoices application this time, you will not see the 'Select Records' check box anymore in the List tab.


I hope this helps you to better control your user activity in the system.

Have a nice day,  ;-)

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