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Username info in Maximo after user changes name

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Username info in Maximo after user changes name


Everything is normal in your business, you are a Maximo System administrator, and then you get a problem to resolve.  One of your Maximo users, gets married and would like to use husband's or wife's last name in the login info (user id) to log into Maximo from this moment forward.  What would you do ?


The MAXUSER.USERID - this specific field identifies the user. The name or value must be unique for all User records.  MAXUSER.USERID in the Maximo Users application is Read Only and it cannot be changed on the Maximo UI  (User interface).  There is no current way to change the USERID value for an user once they are created.  


However, you can change the LOGINID, and you could create a new PERSON record if necessary and associate the new Person record.  In the User application, the User Name (LOGINID) can be changed, this is the value used to login to Maximo.  But the User value (USERID) is unique and cannot be changed.  Maximo does not allow changing username due to audit purposes.
You can create a new specific user with all the new corresponding information to suit the new name that the user now has.


So, now the ball is with you, and the decision needs to be made.  Check with your user if they really want to change their username info to log into Maximo or if they can keep the original user id in Maximo.


Good Luck and have a nice day.

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