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When to use Application Designer or XML file edition for changes in Maximo applications?

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When to use Application Designer or XML file edition for changes in Maximo applications?


Some users ask sometimes :  Should I use Application Designer or edit XML files for changes in my Maximo applications?



The answer to that question can be a little bit complex, but I will try to clarify it here.

In Maximo you can modify windows that are specific to an application in the Application Designer.  However, this is not available for everything that you would like to change, for example, you cannot edit or add fields to the Location lookup screen.  For these things that you cannot change in Application Designer, the changes should be applied only in the XML file related. 


Then, you might be asking yourself :  Why ?

There is an answer for that is because Application Designer is used to make changes that are specific to applications. Having dialogs and screens not specific for an application means that the same screen can be accessed by other applications and processes within Maximo.

The Work Status sample application includes examples of modified windows that are not application-specific, because it is based on the general-purpose Change Status window.

System dialog windows, such as the Change Status window, are shared by multiple applications and any changes you make apply to all applications that use the dialog. If you do not want to modify the window for all applications, you have the choice to copy the XML code for the dialog element and use this as a template for a new window that is specific to an application.


Another example is the Location lookup screen.  All the lookups in Maximo exist in the LOOKUPS.XML file and are referenced by a table id value. When a field has a lookup associated to it, the properties for that field will show the lookup's table id value in the Lookup property. Once you have the name of the lookup, the LOOKUPS.XML file can be searched for that table id value.


To modify this file :

1. You will need to export the LOOKUPS.XML file.
2. In Application Designer, from the Select Action menu, select Export System XML option.
3. Select the blue icon next to LOOKUPS.XML
4. The XML file will display. Save the file to your desktop and keep a copy as a backup.
5. Open the LOOKUPS.XML file to be modified using Word Pad or another test editor.
6. Search for the table id for your lookup.
7. Typically this will be the name of the object the lookup takes it's values from.
8. Save the changes and then import the LOOKUPS.XML file using the Import XML tool bar icon in the Application Designer app.


I hope this helps.  Thanks and have a nice day.

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