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Values from a Select Value list item are breaking. Now what ?

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Values from a Select Value list item are breaking. Now what ?


When you see the values from the lookups breaking in multiple lines even if the lookup column length has enough space or room for the full value, one way to get rid of this scenario is to prevent Maximo to use a specific predefined model for displaying the data this way.

You can simply disable the usefieldsizegroup property in the XML definition file and configure Maximo not to wrap the text to be displayed.


Please do the following :


1. Configure Maximo not to wrap the text to be displayed.  (You can set the webclient.wraplength property value to be wider, so more text appears in the field before truncating)

There is also a property to turn off the wrap functionality, webclient.wrapreadonlycolumns= false  (changes will take effect once you restart maximo server)


2. In Application Designer, export your LOOKUPS.XML file and search for the line corresponding to your lookup and find the attribute line that you would like Maximo not to line break.

In case this is set in the Lookups.xml file, go ahead and edit it by adding this to the end of the line, for example :   usefieldsizegroup="false" width="500"


Then Import the modified LOOKUPS.XML back to Application Designer.  After that, your lookup should now display all the data in one line and not break lines, and it's the end of your nightmare


Have a nice day  ;-)

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