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Change password for users that do not have an email address

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Change password for users that do not have an email address


When you are creating users in Maximo 7, you may realize that Maximo needs a user email address in order for you to save the record.


Out of the box, Maximo requires that you set the password and email it to the user.  Of course some administrators may think that it is required to configure the SMTP in Maximo in order to do this.  


But... what if you don’t want to email the passwords to the user? or if they don’t even own an email address?  


Some users would like the "E-mail Password to User?" checkbox to not be checked by default to avoid accidentally sending unencrypted email messages containing passwords.


Currently the "E-mail Password to User?" check box is hard coded to always be true.


Here is some step-by-step that will be helpful with that :


First, go into the Users module.  Click on Select Action -> Security Controls.  


There you will find ‘Automatic Password Generation’.  

The default is set to: “Always E-mail Generated Passwords to Users (Never Display On Screen)”, which requires an email address to be populated.  Select the other option like so:


You should be able to select the option called "Allow Generated Passwords to be Displayed on Screen"


After that, you should be able to uncheck "E-mail Password to User?" at the moment of creating a changing a password for an user in Maximo.


Enjoy ;-)

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