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Unable to view or edit Long Descriptions fields in Maximo apps

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Unable to view or edit Long Descriptions fields in Maximo apps


Some customers recently upgraded from Maximo 7.1 to Maximo 7.5 version and discovered that they are not able to view or edit Long Descriptions field.


This may happen even if you have users attached to a security group which gives them full access to the Work Order Tracking application.


Those users are able to create and modify work orders but they are not able to modify the work order's long description. It is read-only.
You also have a group set up (MAXADMIN) that has full privileges for everything in Maximo including Work Order Tracking.


The users connected to that group can also create and modify work orders.


The MAXADMIN users, unloike other users, can modify long descriptions.  (even if there is not any kind of conditional security)


What could be causing this then ?


This has been a challenge for many customer and in most cases we did some additional testing and found that this problem was not related to security settings at all nor was it specific to only certain users / security groups.


It appears that it is a compatibility view issue with Internet Explorer version 11 browser.


We recommend you to check compatibility view settings in your browser’s tools menu, if you ever experience something like this.


Enjoy ;-)



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