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Crossover from WORKORDER to ASSET won't work

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Crossover from WORKORDER to ASSET won't work


Finally someday, while working with Maximo 7 version you decide that you would like to have information from a workorder to be copied over the asset record and you are not sure how to do that, or why the crossover field that you created is not working.


Well, I hope that's not bad news for you but it will work in one way, not on the other.  Let me explain :


if you want to write the value from a field in ASSET to a field in WORKORDER, you will need to set up a crossover domain.


However, there is no way to crossover from WORKORDER to ASSET because the logic does not flow that way.  


You populate an asset value on workorder not the other way around.


You should be able to crossover information from asset to workorder because you do associate an asset to the work order and the data in the asset would come over to the work order. On the other hand, there is no way to crossover data from Work Order to Asset.


If you need to update the asset record from within work order tracking, you could write custom code that would be beyond the scope of front line support, so, it will be something to be done at your own risk.


NOTE :  Escalations can be used if you are willing to update records in Asset table.  ( would you like more info about how to do that?  call IBM Support ! )


Enjoy ;-)

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