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Cannot view or edit Long Description fields?

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Cannot view or edit Long Description fields?


If you experience a scenario where you cannot view or edit Long Description fields in Maximo, the icons are greyed out and you cannot add any text to this any long description field you could be having a bad day or there some configuration issue needs adjustment. Many of your records have a long description, but you cannot see them.
What could be happening ?    Well, there are some suggestions you can try.

Let's take as an example the Assets application. Follow these steps :
1. Go Application Designer app, and search for ASSET app

2. Change the control properties for that Description field, click on Advanced tab and verify that the 'Readonly Long  Description?' checkbox is checked.
- If the 'Readonly Long Description?' checkbox is marked, please uncheck it.
3. Save record.

4. When you go to your Assets application, please verify whether the Long Description is editable this time or not.

In the above test, if the 'Readonly Long Description?' checkbox is NOT marked, please try the following :

If you are testing this scenario with Internet Explorer, the test another browser, such as Firefox.

The reason for that is because perhaps this is neither related to security settings at all nor to specific to only certain users / security groups.

This could be a compatibility view setting with Internet Explorer browser. You can go to Internet Explorer, then click compatibility view settings in browser's tools menu, and add the network domain for the Maximo environment you are working with, like , for example.

This should help to fix the issue.


Good Luck...

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