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Changing the color of the Start Center's menu bar in Maximo

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Changing the color of the Start Center's menu bar in Maximo


You may want to know how to change the color of the Start Center's menu bar, to change from blue to red, for example.

Below is a reference to a document on how to change the Tivoli09 skin. 
Modifying the Navigation Bar with Skin09 enabled 
If you don't have the Tivoli09 skin enabled, please follow the below steps: 
You will need to navigate to: 
Within this directory, the bg_navbar.jpg is the Navigation Bar image and the bg_navbar_applink.jpg is the Navigation Bar application link image. 
Ensure you edit the .jpg file. 
Create a backup of bg_navbar.jpg and bg_navbar_applink.jpg . 
Open the images in an image editor and add text or a picture to the original. (Ensuring that you have a backup copy). 
After editing and saving, you will need to backup/delete your Maximo EAR
- delete the cache 
- rebuild and redeploy your Maximo EAR. After starting the application console/service 
- delete the browser cache, then log into Maximo to ensure that the changes have taken affect. 


Good Luck...

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