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Maximo does not validate data you paste from clipboard into fields

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Maximo does not validate data you paste from clipboard into fields


Let's consider this specific scenario :


When you are working in Maximo, sometimes the users prefer to copy and paste information into some fields like the Long Description field, or some other simple fields, like the one called "Password", which is the case when the users receive their Maximo user password by email and decide to go ahead and just copy & paste the password value from the E-mail client software being used directly into Maximo, password field in the Login page.


In this example scenario, some users will report they cannot login claiming that they entered the new password correctly but Maximo will not accept the new password.

In this case, you should pay special attention as to how our users are changing their passwords, because sometimes the users swipe the password off of the email that is sent to them. 


But the swipe usually contains an extra space at the end that is not observed by the user. 
This causes the password not to be accepted by Maximo. You should be informing users not to swipe but manually type in the new password. 
As a result, the users are unhappy and blame Maximo "Isn't working". 


This recommendation is valid for ALL Maximo fields where you are willing to paste information from other sources.


So, what happens here is that when you copy and paste formatted anything from another application, you're 
likely getting junk code with it. 


I usually run the text into a plain text editor, and I often use Notepad for that, otherwise junk code will come along. If you copy information from MS Word for example, MS Word adds some invalid characters to the clipboard, it can introduce other characters "spaces".


When possible, enter text directly into the Maximo field rather than pasting form other sources like Word. You will get better results. If you do need to paste from other sources, first paste the content in a basic Notepad editor. THEN copy that text and paste into the Maximo field. 


Pasting and copying from Notepad removes extraneous formatting from the original source.

This will insure the text will be understood and processed by Maximo correctly.


Good luck... RP

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