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Only maxadmin user is able to log into Maximo

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Only maxadmin user is able to log into Maximo


This is an interesting one to share, but you may face a scenario where you are not able to log into Maximo with any user, except maxadmin user. An error message is displayed on the Login page.

You do not have authorization for the start center


This login error applies to all users besides maxadmin.

Then you start your own troubleshooting, as below :

- In this case, there is no LDAP configuration involved or being used. 
- MAXEVERYONE security group is associated to every user and has been granted access to Start Center.
- There are no Start Center templates configured for any security groups. 
- Your user "jose" has MAXADMIN privileges as well and cannot log in.


So... currently there are no start centers created and the MAXEVERYONE security group has the appropriate permissions to view start centers and their portlets...  What is happening then ?

In some interesting scenario, we found out that some data was imported into Maximo through Maximo Integration Framework, however, the USERID and LOGIN user information was imported as lowercase, instead of UPPERCASE style.

The issue was related to both userid and login user were not set to upper case. Maximo requires that at least one of them is set to some UPPERCASE value. (for example :  JOSE  instead of jose)

Once we made both userid or login to uppercase, the issue was resolved.



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