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Crossover domain from JOBITEM to WPITEM

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Crossover domain from JOBITEM to WPITEM


In Maximo 7.x , is it possible to build a crossover domain for custom fields from JOBITEM to WPITEM?  That's a tricky question you may ask yourself


I could not find a way to transfer custom field data from JOBITEM to WPITEM when using custom attributes.


However, I found a way to achieve the expected results (but not with the custom fields that I created in both JOBITEM and WPITEM tables) and wanted to share with you all.


You should be able to get data transferred over to Work Plan materials from Job Plan materials is you use any of the following attributes, which are already shipped with Maximo.

(This way you will not need to use any crossover domain setup)


You can just use the following attributes :

On JOBITEM table, use attributes JM1, JM2, JM3, JM4, JM5 and JM6.
On WPITEM table, use attributes WPM1, WPM2, WPM3, WPM4, WPM5 and WPM6 respectively.


This way, when you add the JOBITEM.JM1 field to the Job Plan Materials screen and fill some data, it will be automatically transferred to WPITEM.WPM1 field for a new workorder record that is associated with the jobplan from this example, without the need to use a crossover domain, since Maximo code already includes the data transfer between those two fields.


See ya

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