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Alignment on integer type fields in Maximo

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Alignment on integer type fields in Maximo


You have a couple of fields that are getting right justified and it seems to be based on MAXTYPE on the MAXATTRIBUTE table. 

Is there anyway to change the justification on a field in an <app>.xml, since we can't make changes to the MAXTYPE for all fields considering you the type that you are referring to is "INTEGER" ?


You would even try the following, but it will NOT work for INTEGER fields :


1) From Application Designer export the app xml file  
2) Save a copy of the xml file 
3) Edit one of the copies to make the change and add the align="left" parameter, for example :  


Before :
<tablecol dataattribute="DESCRIPTION_LONGDESCRIPTION" id="1294563132922" 
inputmode="READONLY" label="Details" sortable="false"/> 
After :
<tablecol dataattribute="DESCRIPTION_LONGDESCRIPTION" id="1294563132922" 
inputmode="READONLY" label="Details" sortable="false" align="left" /> 
4) Save the file and from Application Designer, import the xml file definition and save.

However, as mentioned above, this will not work for INTEGER fields.
As per Maximo architecture, Integer fields are always right-aligned.  It would be an enhancement request to do anything different.


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