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E-Signature not working on Workflow records

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E-Signature not working on Workflow records


When using E-Signature (or eSig, e-Sig) in a workflow process it does not seem to work. However, if you change the status of SR record from front end, for example , everything is getting populated in the LOGINTRACKING table.


This is actually a known limitation of Workflow where workflow has control of the record and E-Signature is not being called. (This functionality is not currently present in Maximo)


If you require to track data, there is the WFTRANSACTION table you can reference either in the database or from the Select Action - Workflow - View WF History option. You might be able to use E-Audit because it updates the audit table in the database not through a dialog.


As a workaround, if you have E-Signature enabled for Status Changes the only way to use that in Workflow is to do the Status Change as part of an Interaction Node. There is no other way to do this when it comes to changing status and E-Signature being enabled using Workflow.


You can have the Interaction Node bring up the Change Status dialog box, for example. Then when you click OK on the Change Status dialog box the E-Signature dialog will pop-up on your screen.

If you need to have this functionality in a future Maximo release, you may need to enter a Request for Enhancement. 


Request For Enhancement (RFE) Process


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