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Removing the "Extra Fields" provided in Database Configuration

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Removing the "Extra Fields" provided in Database Configuration


Can we remove the "extra fields" provided by IBM that we aren't using? (i.e. wojo1, wojo2, etc).


The problem is that we can't delete this from the front end because they are not user defined.

If you try to delete the MaxAttributeCfg for an out-of-the-box attribute copied over from another object, you get a message saying :

"Only user- defined objects and attributes can be deleted."  


In Maximo, you can use extra fields to store extra data. These fields are there for you to use at your own free will and use them however you want.

Records for these attributes are inserted into maxattribute/cfg with the userdefined flag set to 0. 


This means that they cannot be removed via Database Configuration. 

If you don't need them, you can use the following workaround, but we strongly recommend that you make a database backup prior to test this in TEST environment first.

These will have to be changed from the back end so as to redefine them as user defined and not required so that you can subsequently drop them via Database Configuration. 


I've included the mustbe column in the updates below. It should also be 0 for these: 


update maxattribute set userdefined=1,required=0, mustbe=0 where objectname='xxx' and attributename='yyy' 

update maxattributecfg set userdefined=1,required=0,mustbe=0 where objectname='xxx' and attributename='yyy' 


After that, please restart Maximo server and try to drop the unwanted extra fields through Database Configuration application


See ya

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