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Strange or bad characters opening attached documents

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Strange or bad characters opening attached documents


Have you experienced some issue scenario where some specific files, such as .docx or .xlsx extensions will not display properly in your browser for no apparent reason? Those files display as garbled text with strange or bad characters, and then the content become unreadable, as you can see in the image below :



To resolve this issue, you need to check first whether the users have problems downloading other type of files, e.g PDF or DOC or TXT...
File .xlsx is  a combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction. 


You may need to check the setting of the following system properties :

mxe.doclink.doctypes.allowedFileExtensions           (to make sure your file extension is allowed)
mxe.doclink.securedAttachment            (should be true, to allow the content of file to be displayed)
Steps :

1. Go to System Properties application
2. Find the 'mxe.doclink.securedAttachment' property
3. Change the Global Value to true
4. Find the 'mxe.doclink.doctypes.allowedFileExtension' property and make sure your file extension is listed.
5. Apply it with a Live Refresh on both properties. 

The issue should be resolved.


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