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Cannot see the "Allow SLA Hold" option in Organizations app

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Cannot see the "Allow SLA Hold" option in Organizations app


The SLA Hold feature can be used to put a ticket on hold if you are waiting to receive further information. The SLA Hold feature must be activated in the Organizations application.

You select the Allow SLA Hold to be applied on SLAs check box in the SLA Options window to activate the SLA Hold feature. 

Please note the following: There isn't  Allow SLA Hold  check box in the SLA organization options. 
Regarding "Allow SLA Hold" option, as per investigation SLAHOLD is a product PMP, it is available when you install SCCD. (Smart Cloud Control Desk)


When Tivoli Service Request Manager license key is installed, the SLA main tab enables SLA Hold check box in the Organizations app.
Please have a look at this documentation for details : 
Conditional user interface in Maximo for Service Providers 


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