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Can we mask Maximo url or change servername on it ?

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Can we mask Maximo url or change servername on it ?


Supposing that you are a happy Maximo user and would like to know whether you can mask the URL, imagine that you have a Maximo URL which reads as this :’ 
This is the default Maximo URL which generated while installing and configuring Maximo. Now you would like to change above URL to read more  like ‘’ 
Regarding the question whether is it possible to change or mask the URL, actually the only info you be able to configure is the application context URL, as per the following documentation : 
Changing the URL context of a maximo application 
If you would like to change or mask the Maximo URL info on the address bar, this is not something you can configure on the Maximo/WebSphere side. 
I would suggest you to check with IT whether this is something you can achieve with either configuring a WAS Vitual server on port 80 and map it to the maximo application or implemente a DNS alias. 
Anyway, this is not a maximo thing at all. Maybe something your IT support staff can do, but certainly nothing for Maximo to do. 



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