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Determine the non-persistent Where Clause Field value

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Determine the non-persistent Where Clause Field value


In case you are trying to determine the non-persistent field name of the Where Clause within applications, because you want to add functionality to do a Return With Value from the Configuration Items application to the Collections application and return the where clause SQL, for example, you may be asking yourself some questions like :


Does this field have a name?

If so, where might I find it?

Well, I must tell you that for that particular field that we mentioned is in fact a non-persistent one, thus you don't have a way to search for that with a database query, and that's formed by Maximo classes logic, until the user gets the query saved in Maximo.


Once the query is saved, then you should be able to get the query details by running a SQL query like this against your Maximo DB.


SELECT CLAUSE FROM QUERY WHERE CLAUSENAME = 'xxxxxx'    (name of the query)


If you would like to get some data from a non-persistent field on the screen copied to somewhere else, then I believe you would need to customize/extend Maximo classes, which is not supported by IBM Maximo Support.


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