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Configure Conditional Properties to make a field required

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Configure Conditional Properties to make a field required


Some users asked how to configure conditional properties to make a field required.  Is that possible ?

Conditional UI can be used to apply various UI related conditions. 

What if you want to make a textbox required based on some condition ?


Steps to follow :


1- Identify the field which has to be required in a particular Maximo app.

2- Ensure you create a condition using Conditional Expression Manager app.

3- Go to the Application Designer and create a Signature Option using "Add/Modify Signature Option" for your app.

4- Assign this newly created Signature Option to the field "Signature Option" propeties by going to Right Click > Properties.

5- Click the " Configure Conditional Properties" button and then select the "Security Group"  to which this rule should apply.  (Use the condition we created above in "Conditions for Security Group")


6- In property values section for the true condition result, select “inputmode” as the property and "required" as the value.

7- Select OK then go to "Security Groups" app and provide access to the signature option that you created above to the appropriate security group.

8- Once that is done, you are ready and based on the condition being true your field will be required.


See ya

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