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Attribute can be deleted with active Launch Point associated

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Attribute can be deleted with active Launch Point associated


Maximo will allow an Attribute to be deleted from Database Configuration while there is an active Launch Point that references it. 

Steps to reproduce: 
1. In Database Configuration application, add a new attribute to ASSET or some other object. 
1.1. Turn on Admin Mode and Apply Configuration Changes. 
2. In Automation Scripts application, Create a Script with an Attribute Launch Point. 
2.1. The Object and Attribute should be the one you added in step 1. 
2.2. Name the launch point and script something valid, and make the source code something simple, like print "Hello world!". 
3. Go back to Database Configuration and delete the new attribute. 
3.1. Apply Configuration Changes. 
An error should be thrown at step 3, but it isn't. 
Integrity Checker should catch the resulting anomaly, but it doesn't. 
When you go to an application based on the object from step 1, now, you will get an error that the attribute is missing. 


Development mentioned this is working by design, but could be considered as an enhancement on the product (not a bug), which means that this functionality is not currently present in Maximo, and that this cannot be fixed on the current version since the fix would require changes to the product architecture. 
There is no Automated Scripting (or any other MIF) awareness designed and coded into Database Configuration application. Therefore this is working as designed. 


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