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Result Set Setup does not show all fields from an application

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Result Set Setup does not show all fields from an application


You added a new Result Set Portlet on the Start Center, and when you click on edit to open the Result Set Setup to add the application (INVUSAGE) and query in there are only 12 available fields listed.  Why aren't the INVUSENU, CHANGEDATE, and CHANGEBY showing up?


This should be related to the webclient.resultset.relatedattributes properties in your Maximo environment. That property must have a value of 1, if you would like to see additional attributes when editing a Result Set Portlet query/attributes.


In order to fix this, go to System Properties app and find the webclient.resultset.relatedattributes property. Ensure that the Current Value is set to 1.

If the webclient.resultset.relatedattributes does NOT exist in your System Properties app, then create it manually, using the New Row button from the Global Properties section.


You should create it as follows :

Property Name:   webclient.resultset.relatedattributes
Description:    View information that is related to the main record of the result set portlet
Global Value:   1
Live Refresh:   (checked)

After that, save your changes and do a Live Refresh on your new property, to ensure the Current Value gets set to 1. Then Log out from Maximo, and log back in.


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