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Record locking extremely slow on a cloned application

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Record locking extremely slow on a cloned application


We had users reporting that after implementing record locking on work orders on a cloned WO app they call WO Tech, this WO Tech app is working extremely slow with record locking  and performance is very sporadic from computer to computer, some computers take 5-10 seconds to unlock the record, while others take 5-10 minutes, and others never complete the command and the user gets a swirling blue circle (which one user let it swirl for the entire 8 hour shift and it never unlocked the record). 
Well, we had a meeting with the client and she showed me that the issue happens with the cloned WOTECH app, which was cloned from QuickRep. 
The issue does not happen with the standard QUICKREP one.  
QUICKREP takes only 2 seconds.  WOTECH takes 8 seconds. 
We have been working on this case and I have seen many differences between the original QUICKREP and WOTECH files, and believe the number of fields that WOTECH has is much more than the QUICKREP, which makes the field validations to take longer in case of record locking functionality. 
Initially, we had requested you to import the QUICKREP definitions into WOTECH definitions in Application Designer and let me know if they still faced the 8 seconds time, instead of 2. 
However, this did not work for some reason in Application Designer. We tried to accomplish the suggested changes, however, for some reason, Application Designer is not taking the XML changes. 
The XML definition for all applications in Maximo is also found in the PRESENTATION field of each application name in the MAXPRESENTATION table. 
Because of that, we gave the following instructions. The instructions below will force the WOTECH app to use the definitions from original QUICKREP app. 
Please do this : 
1- Stop Maximo 
2- Backup your database, specially the MAXPRESENTATION table. 
3- Go to your SQL tool and run the following UPDATE statement. 
4- Restart Maximo 
5- Test the scenario this time. Your WOTECH application will have the same content and controls from the QUICKREP application. 
This solved the issue.  :-)


See ya

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