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Field required on Add to Storeroom screen

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Field required on Add to Storeroom screen


When you have an item record in Maximo, you have the option to Add Item to Storeroom, however, not every field is required.

For this example, we will use the IN20 field. If you would like to have the IN20 field in Inventory app to be required at the moment that you are adding the item to storeroom from Item app, here are some steps for you. 


All you have to do is this :

1. Go to Application Designer and search for ITEM app
2. Click on the Edit Dialogs button, on the toolbar
3. Select additemstostoreroom , which corresponds to Add Items to Storeroom
4. The dialog will appear for you to edit
5. Make sure you add a new table column for your required field (you can copy/paste an existing one and edit properties or add from Control Palette)
6. Change the properties of the new field to set :    Input Mode = Required
7. Save changes


Now, when you are in Item Master app and try to add an item to a Storeroom by using the Select Action > Add Items to Storeroom,  then Maximo will now require users to fill a value on that new field, which will be transferred over to Inventory app, preventing records with null values in that field.


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