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Can we import a file in Application Designer that exceeds 10MB ?

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Can we import a file in Application Designer that exceeds 10MB ?


Application Designer is used to load presentation XML files, however there is a limit of 10 MB per file. How to resolve this, in case you need to upload a larger than 10 MB file?


If you are working with the import in Application Designer, this process doesn't use the mxe.doclink.maxfilesize property, since it is used only for Attached Documents.



If you wish to attempt changing this limit, please note the setting is found in the
This importxml.jsp should be only used in base Maximo Application Designer's Import XML function, since presentation xml file size is  never  > 10MB.  (If you are working in Application Designer import)  You can modify the jsp by hand if you like.  The file is ../maximouiweb/webmodule/webclient/utility/importxml.jsp
The line is:
   mpData = new MPFormData(request, 10);
Change the 10 to what you'd like the limit to be.  Importing very large libraries can negatively effect performance of the product.  

This is not a supported operation from the technical support point of view, same as any java code customization.


Another document that should help is this :

Import XML Outside of Application Designer


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