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Added a CANCEL button to my PR application, but it does not work

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Added a CANCEL button to my PR application, but it does not work


You have added CANCEL option in toolbar menu of PR application but that option is not working.

Steps -

1) Go to Application Designer and search for PR application
2) Click Select action - > Open 'Add/Modify Toolbar menu'
3) Click new row in 'Add/Modify Toolbar menu' dialog box and update values as - Element type = OPTIONS, Key Value = CANCEL, Tabs = ALL

You can see the CANCEL button is created in PR application toolbar but it is not performing any action when clicked.


Just adding the button to the screen using the add/modify toolbar menu does not invoke the change status to work.  You can add a button but without any functionality behind it. It was confirmed with Development that this cannot be done without coding. Cancel is not supported on quick change
status, functionality by design . Unfortunately this needs code support for the CANCEL to work.


A workaround for this would be create a simple workflow process with an Action to cancel the PO, and use the Edit Go Button option in Workflow Designer. 


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