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Performance Issue While Reporting Actual Labor In Maximo 7.6

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Performance Issue While Reporting Actual Labor In Maximo 7.6



Performance issue specifically while calculating the Regular Hours.



In the Work Order Tracking application, after entering both Start and End Time fields it can take a few seconds to the system to calculate the Regular Hours.

Resolving the problem


1. Go to Application Designer.

2. Bring up the Work Order Tracking application.

3. Go to the Actuals tab > Labor sub-tab.

4. Repeat the steps below for both Start and End Time fields:
    4.1. Right-click on field > Properties.
    4.2. From Textbox Properties dialog, go to Advanced tab.
    4.3. Select the check-box "Always Synchronous?".
    4.4. Close the dialog.

5. Save application definition.

6. Go to the System Properties application.

7. Bring up the property mxe.webclient.ClientEventQueue.threshold and set it as 1.

8. Save.

9. Select the property and click on Live Refresh.

10. Sign out of Maximo and sign in again.


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