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Cannot change WO Status to WAPPR synonym when Undo Approval sigoption is unchecked

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Cannot change WO Status to WAPPR synonym when Undo Approval sigoption is unchecked


If the Undo Approval of Work Order sigoption is not checked, user cannot change the status of a Work Order in WAPPR to any synonym of WAPPR.

Steps to replicate:

1. Add a synonym of WAPPR to the WOSTATUS Domain.                                     
2. Create a Security Group. Grant all permissions for Work Order Tracking application and all Sites.
3. Create a user for that Security Group.                                            
4. Login to Maximo as that user. Set a Default Insert Site. Create a new Work Order. Save. Take note of the WO number.
5. Select the Change Status icon. The WAPPR synonym is correctly displayed.
6. Logout and back in as maxadmin.                                                  
7. Bring up that Security Group and uncheck the "Undo Approval of Work Order" option. Save.
8. Login back in as the test user. Bring up the Work Order created above.
9. Select Change Status icon.

The problem is: the WAPPR synonym is no longer displayed.

Resolving the problem:

This is already fixed in APAR IZ75582 which added the maxvar ALLOWSYNONYMSTATUS to control that.

Please follow the procedure below to set that maxvar to true.


1. Using Database Configuration application, ensure that no database configuration changes are pending.
2. Stop the Maximo application server.
3. Back up the Maximo database.
4. Run the following update using a SQL tool:
5. Restart the Maximo application server.

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