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Average Units Per Day Calculation in Transportation

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Average Units Per Day Calculation in Transportation


Maximo and Transportation calculates Average Units Per Day in different ways.


While Maximo uses this formula:

(AssetMeter.LifeToDate - First MeterReading.Reading) / (Elapsed Time From (First MeterReading.ReadingDate) To (MeterReading.LastReadingDate))


Transportation uses the following:
(AssetMeter.LifeToDate – Initial Life to Date) / (Elapsed Time From (First MeterReading.ReadingDate) To (MeterReading.LastReadingDate))


If the "Use Transportation Meters?" check-box is selected, system uses the Transportation formula. Otherwise, system uses the Maximo formula.


The "Use Transportation Meters?" check-box can be find following the steps below:

1. Go to Organizations(Tr) application.
2. Bring up the Organization in question.
3. More Actions > Transportation Options > Asset Meter Options.

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