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Inventory Usage Application Displays Obsolete Items List

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Inventory Usage Application Displays Obsolete Items List



Is there a way to exclude them from the list?


By default, the multi-select Select Items dialog does not exclude obsolete items. The user is prevented from choosing an obsolete item if one is selected when they click on OK in that dialog. This is working as intended.


A custom relationship can be created to exclude obsolete items in the Select Items dialog by following these steps:


1. In Database Configuration, create a new relationship from the INVUSE object to the INVBALANCES object. The out-of-box relationship is named INVBALANCESOUT so provide a name that is different from this and any other relationship, for example, DOT_INVBAL_NO_OBS.

Relationship: DOT_INVBAL_NO_OBS
Where Clause: location=:fromstoreloc and siteid=:siteid and exists (select 1 from inventory where location=:fromstoreloc and siteid=:siteid and inventory.itemnum=invbalances.itemnum and status in ( 'ACTIVE' , 'PLANNING' , 'PENDOBS'))


2. In Application Designer, bring up the INVUSAGE application and export it into invusage.xml.

3. Search in the invusage.xml for dialog id="selectitems".

4. Change the relationship on the selectitems dialog from INVBALANCESOUT to DOT_INVBAL_NO_OBS.

5. Save the changes.

6. Import the modified invusage.xml.

7. Go to Inventory Usage and observe that the OBSOLETE items are now excluded.

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