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Run Database Configuration reports without full access to the application

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Run Database Configuration reports without full access to the application


Steps to run eAudit, eSig and others Database Configuration reports without grating full access to the application.


It is possible to run Database reports without granting FULL access to Database Configuration app.
However, you have to grant at least a Read Access to Database Configuration application.


Please follow this steps.

1. Go to Application Designer application and bring up CONFIGUR app.
2. Click Select Action -> Add/Modify Signature Options
3. Find the READ option and remove the values from "Option Also Grants" and "Option Also Revokes".
4. Find the RUNREPORTS option and check the "Visible?" button.
5. Go to Security Groups and create a new Group. In the example I created the "RUNDBREPORTS" group.
6. In the Applications tab, find the Database Configuration app.
7. Grant Read Access and Run Reports access to this group.
8. Save it.
9. Go to Report Administration app
10. Click Select Action -> Set Application Security
11. In the Applications section filter by CONFIGUR.
12. Click New Row and add the new security group.
13. Check "All?" in the details.
14. Login to Maximo with a user who is a memeber from the new group.
15. Go to Database Configuration app and notice that the user does not have any access in the tool bar.
16. Click Select Action -> Run Reports
17. All the reports will be available to be run.
18. The reports will also be available from the Reports menu.

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