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Increase the username field size in login screen

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Increase the username field size in login screen


Some users have a long userid like the complete e-mail address and sometimes they cannot fully see it while typing in a small field.

It may cause a typo and it's not comfortable for the users.


To increase the username field size in the login screen you should do the following steps:


1- In the MX Server, go to the following folder:

2- Open the 'login.jsp' file;

3- Find the the row:

<input <%= attrs %> class="isc-login-textfield" name="<%=userFieldName%>" id="<%=userFieldName%>"  langcode="<%=langcode%>" type="text">

4- Include a size value in the end of this tag. E.g.:

<input <%= attrs %> class="isc-login-textfield" name="<%=userFieldName%>" id="<%=userFieldName%>"  langcode="<%=langcode%>" type="text" size="100">

5- Save it;

6- Rebuild/Redeploy the Maximo EAR files.

7- Clear the browser cache and test it again.

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