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From the Maximo Support Desk - Notes On WSCH Status

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Notes On WSCH Status


Can't I Just Create A Synonym Value For WSCH Status?


Spoiler Alert:  You can create a synonym value for this in the WOSTATUS domain, but it will only function exactly as the native WSCH status... in the same manner that it is used for PM records only.


The WSCH status is only used by the PM application, and only PM-generated Work Orders can be initialized with the WSCH status.  It is essentially a synonym of Approved, and can be selected on the PM record as an initial status for any Work Order that gets generated from that PM.  Additionally, if you create a synonym status for WSCH, the same business logic will be applied and you will only be able to use the synonym status on a PM record - you won't be able to select the synonym status on a Work Order/Change Status function.



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