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From the Maximo Support Desk - Actual Tool Cost on a Work Order

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Actual Tool Cost on a Work Order


Maximo Users have asked if there is a field in the database that can be used to report the actual tool cost on a Work Order?  This question is based on the fact that several of the View Costs, or other report-type dialogs in Maximo applications do not get data from persistent fields.

There are a number of fields in the Maximo database that store costing data for Work Orders. Maximo Users or Administrators may need to create a report which includes a display of what the actual tool cost is on a Work Order. It may not be immediately apparent to the User which field(s) to use for this purpose.



The field which reflects the actual tool cost for the Work Order is TOOLTRANS.LINECOST.

Additional Notes:
There are two LINECOST fields in the TOOLTRANS table; LINECOST and LINECOST2. It may be possible to have values in both fields. The LINECOST attribute, as stated above, will reflect the actual tool cost in the Base Currency of the Organization. The LINECOST2 attribute is used to support multiple currencies in an Organization. This will be populated if a second currency is used in the Organization, and will reflect the actual tool cost of the Work Order in the second currency.


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